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a poem, by lucy.

Posted by Paul on December 13, 2019
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On a cold winter night on December 12th, LRG came together in happiness & health. 

A lot to be thankful for these past 5 years – sharing in laughs, transactions and a whole lot of “Cheers”

From billboards to benches, commercials and KSDK, many client events and another pie day. 

Adopting and cleaning highways- even on those cold winter days.

We added our 2nd mural and a brand highlight – all of us together just feels so right.

From South St Louis to Bourbon Missouri- making sure all of our clients need not worry. 

Over 200 transactions and 40million in sales- we sure did chase a lot of real estate tail. 

Between all that show biz each and every day-  we still remembered in all that hard work comes a little Play.

We celebrated those St Louis Blues that swept us all away- what a party it was that GLORIA(ous) day! 

From Stanley Cup to our Cheers Cups- even little Hank is honored to be the new office pup! 

We also added a few boys to our doll house and lucky for us we all still have the same spouse! 😉 

12 great office meetings and rarely late- thank God for Syd and Alice who keep that place straight. 

Speaking of God, what did we do to deserve Pam- everyone love when she’s wilding out on instagram.

As business grew so did the need for the transaction coordinator- bye bye paperwork- Lindsey will handle you later.

But the most exciting news?! We get to add two more babes to our growing crew. 

We end the year strong, healthy and blessed- and all being able to use a little more rest. 

So raise your glass, as this is a toast- to all of us here and those that are close. 

May our next year be filled with new business, sold homes and plenty of fun. And if theres one thing remembered, is that you are all second to none. 

Cheers to health, happiness, & this beautiful city we’re from-

But most of all knowing- the best is yet to come! 

Because when they think of the Lou- they’ll think of us! The Local Brokerage- the one they know and trust 🙂

-Lucy Feicht

One thought on “a poem, by lucy.

  • on December 13, 2019

    Nailed it!!!!!!!
    This seriously warms my heart and has me grinning from ear to ear. Cheers to all of you who make LRG such an amazing brokerage❤️❤️❤️

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